Darren your replacement debit card has been dispatched

This is a text message scam pointing to

" Darren your replacement debit card has been dispatched" scheme is a message containing the web page link . This text message has been delivered in mass volumes. The initial time this SMS message was observed was on Jan 9, 2022 at 11:38 AM. A multitude of individuals across North America have already claimed having this txt message show up on their devices. This article has layed out below all the advice you may need to ensure you and your personal information are secure. There are several important actions you might need to take if you happen to have visited the website link in the text, or even worse, submitted information into the web page found by visiting the link. Although the exact txt message may differ from user to user, the universal concept of the text is:

Darren your replacement debit card has been dispatched. If you didn't request a new card please visit:

Is this txt message authentic?

No, the SMS message isn't legitimate. Relax knowing that multitudes of visitors are scanning this very same text message.

What should I do?

Don't do a single thing; refrain from . The easiest thing to do is disregard the txt message. You may block the contact number; but bear in mind, cell phone numbers are not often reused by con artists.

Is your text message slightly different?

Txt messages used in this scheme are often different. The txt messages can certainly have varied sentence structure, format, even wording. It's not necessarily unconventional for the messages to be sent from various numbers and even incorporate varied website addresses.


As these scammers use various contact numbers, website URLs, terms, ect, it is essential for YOU to please warn others by commenting the txt message you were sent below in the comments section.

This will help others to locate this article before being scammed.

How do the scammers have access to my name?

There are general public repositories that can easily be obtained containing your name coupled with your cell phone number.

What should I do if I clicked the website link?

When you click the url one of four things will manifest.

Is a scam?

Yes, is a scam ınternet site that has been used in tens of thousands of bogus messages. The webpage may be used as a phishing scheme to acquire your private information, or even to forward you to an advertiser's site to make the scammer money.

Warn Others: What did your message say?

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