This is a text message scam pointing to

The phony " Scam" scheme is a message featuring the webpage link . This txt is being sent out in huge volumes. The first time this text message was observed was on Oct 16, 2021 at 6:02 AM. Several consumers across multiple states have undoubtedly revealed having this text show up on their mobile devices. This web site has outlined below all the information and facts you may need to make sure you and your personal information are protected. There are a number of fundamental actions you might need to take if you tapped on the hyperlink in the SMS, or even worse, entered information into the website page stumbled upon by clicking on the link. Even though the exact text message can vary from person to person, the basic concept of the text is:

From 3854 - - (:

8778828491) C0E60E96

Is the txt message legitimate?

No, the txt message isn't authentic. Be assured that enormous amounts of users are seeing this very same sms message.

What shall I do?

Don't do anything; avoid . The soundest move to make is disregard the txt message. It is possible to block the phone number; but, numbers are hardly ever reused by con artists.

Is the txt message you received slightly different?

SMS messages used in this hoax are often varied. The SMS messages can possess unique sentence structure, formatting, even phrasing. It's not necessarily uncommon for the messages to originate from different phone numbers and sometimes incorporate various web-site addresses.


As these scammers use numerous cell phone numbers, webpage addresses, phrases, ect, it is recommended for YOU to please notify others by commenting the text message you were sent below in the comments section.

Your addition will help others to find this webpage before being scammed.

How did they find your name?

There are open to the public databases which can easily be attained that contain your name as well as your mobile phone number.

What should I do if I clicked the link?

When you access the url one of four things will transpire.

Who is 3854 - - (

The number, 3854 - - (, used to send you a message can be spoofed. This implies it might look on your phone as one number but in fact it was not sent from that telephone number at all. Scammers utilising spoofing technology could even have the number appear to be your father's telephone number. Regardless you can feel comfortable that the text message you are receiving, if it possesses the above mentioned info, is a scam.

Is a scam?

Yes, is a scam ınternet site which has been used in thousands of counterfeit messages. The web-site may be utilized as a phishing scheme to acquire your sensitive information, or even to reroute you to an advertiser's web-site to earn the scam artist revenue.

Warn Others: What did your message say?

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