Your Apple-ID account has been locked for security reasons

This is a text message scam pointing to

" Your Apple-ID account has been locked for security reasons" hoax is a SMS message featuring the website link This txt is being delivered in large proportions. The earliest time this SMS message was noticed was on Sep 14, 2021 at 9:35 PM. Plenty of end users across the USA have undoubtedly noted having this text show up on their mobile devices. This article has detailed below all the related information you will need to make sure that you and your information are safe. There are certain fundamental measures you may need to take if you happen to have visited the web page link in the text message, or even worse, entered information into the web page stumbled upon by going to the link. Although the precise txt may differ from person to person, the basic concept of the text message is:

From +1 (516) 253-2504:

Your Apple-ID account has been locked for security reasons. To unlock it, You have to provide some additional information: "hxxps://" MSG-ID-HMXSMJ

Is the SMS message authentic?

No, the SMS message is not reputable. Feel comfortable that hundreds of customers are looking through this very same sms message.

What shall I do?

Don't do a thing; stay away from The easiest move to make is neglect the text message. You may also block the phone number; nevertheless, numbers are hardly reused by fraudsters.

Is your txt message slightly different?

SMS messages used in this con are often diversified. The text messages can certainly possess distinctive grammar, structure, even wording and terminology. It's not necessarily odd for the txt messages to originate from various phone numbers and also incorporate varied web site addresses.


As these scammers use various phone numbers, website addresses, words and phrases, ect, it's important for YOU to please warn other people by commenting the SMS message you received below in the comments section.

Your addition will help many people to discover this webpage before being scammed.

Why do they know my name?

There are community repositories that may very well be accessed comprising of your first name plus your contact number.

What do I do if I visited the link?

When you click on the url a number of things could come about.

Who is +1 (516) 253-2504

The phone number, +1 (516) 253-2504, utilized to send you a text message could be spoofed. This would mean it may look on your phone as a certain number but the truth is it wasn't sent from that number at all. Scammers working with spoofing technology could even have the number look to be your own contact number. Regardless you can be confident that the text message you are experiencing, if it is made up of the aforementioned information, is a scam.

Is a scam?

Yes, is a scam website that has been used in large numbers of artificial SMS messages. The ınternet site may be utilized as a phishing scheme to acquire your sensitive information, or even to direct you to an advertiser's web site to earn the scammer revenue.

Warn Others: What did your message say?

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