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This is a text message scam pointing to

The fake " Contact now" hoax is a message which contains the website address . This text has been sent out in mass amounts. The first time this txt message was recieved was on Dec 20, 2021 at 6:38 PM. Numerous people across the USA have divulged having this text message show up on their phones. We have discussed below all the guidance you will need to assure you and your personal information are safeguarded. There are a few very important steps you will need to take in the event you tapped on the hyperlink in the SMS message, or even worse, inserted information into the website page uncovered by clicking on the link. While the exact text can differ from user to user, the basic concept of the txt message is:

From 1-410-100-009:

Contact now. Card locked - 659-766-2146

Is the message authentic?

No, the message isn't reputable. Move forward knowing that hundreds of people young and old are looking at this very same message.

What should I do?

Don't do anything; try to avoid . The safest move to make is dismiss the message. It is easy to block the mobile phone number; even so, phone numbers are rarely used again by fraudsters.

Is the txt message you received different?

Text messages used in this hoax are usually different. The txt messages can easily include diverse sentence structure, format, even words. It's not abnormal for the SMS messages to appear from different numbers and even include various webpage URLs.


As these scammers use several cell phone numbers, webpage addresses, words, ect, it's really important for YOU to please notify others by commenting the message you were sent below in the comments section.

This will help others to find this page before being scammed.

How the scammer acquired your name:

There are community databases which may easily be utilized containing your name and also your telephone number.

What do I do if I visited the link?

When you click on the hyperlink one of four things may take place.

Who is 1-410-100-009

The phone-number, 1-410-100-009, utilized to send you a txt message could be spoofed. This implies it may show up on your phone as a certain number but the truth is it wasn't sent from that contact number at all. Scammers employing spoofing products could even have the number look to be your spouse's phone number. Regardless you can be assured that the message you are receiving, if it consists of the abovementioned information, is a scam.

Is a scam?

Yes, is a scam internet site that has been used in large numbers of phony SMS messages. The ınternet site may be employed as a phishing scheme to acquire your sensitive information, or even to forward you to an advertiser's webpage to earn the scam artist revenue.

Warn Others: What did your message say?

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