Your Amazon Account has been locked

This is a text message scam pointing to

" Your Amazon Account has been locked" hoax is a message that contains the webpage link . This text message was sent in massive proportions. The initial time this message was spotted was on Mar 2, 2023 at 6:02 AM. Many people across multiple states have announced having this text message appear on their phones. This site has laid out below all the answers you will need to make sure you and your personal information are safeguarded. There are a number of very important actions you may need to take if you happen to have clicked on the web page link in the txt, or even worse, inserted information into the web page discovered by going to the link. Although the specific SMS will vary from person to person, the general concept of the txt message is:

Your Amazon Account has been locked. We recently received multiple failed login attempts to your account.

Is this txt message serious?

No, the message isn't authentic. You can relax knowing that a whole slew of citizens are examining this exact same message.

What should I do?

Don't do anything; refrain from . The easiest move to make is overlook the text message. You'll be able to block the number; although, telephone numbers are hardly reused by con artists.

Is the SMS message you received different?

Txt messages used in this scam tend to be different. The SMS messages might contain distinct grammar issues, formatting, even words. It's not necessarily odd for the text messages to come from different phone numbers and even include various web site addresses.


As these scammers use various cell phone numbers, webpage URLs, terms, ect, it is recommended for YOU to please notify other people by commenting the SMS message you received below in the comments section.

This will help many people to find this webpage before being scammed.

How did they find your name?

There are public listings that could very well be found containing your name together with your number.

What do I do if I visited the link?

When you finger tap the website link one of four things could transpire.

Is a scam?

Yes, is a scam web-site which has been used in tons of fake txt messages. The webpage could be utilized as a phishing scheme to gain access to your personal information, or even to redirect you to an advertiser's web-site to earn the scam artist money.

Website Age

was merely initialized on Nov 30, -0001.

The developer of this website url is showen to be .

DNS Records show that is being published using: and also



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