1533.45 Scam

This is a text message scam pointing to 1533.45

"1533.45 Scam" hoax is a SMS message featuring the web page link 1533.45. This txt has been mailed out in huge volumes. The first time this message was observed was on Aug 23, 2023 at 5:02 PM. A ton of end users across America have definitely divulged having this SMS message delivered on their cell phones. We have stated below all the tips you may need to make sure that you and your personal information are safeguarded. There are a number of important actions you'll need to take in the event you clicked on the hyperlink in the message, or even worse, entered information into the site stumbled upon by going to the 1533.45 link. While the precise SMS message might vary from user to user, the general concept of the SMS is:

From 22395:

"Use code 416*** to approve your wire transaction of $ 1533.45 to purchase at Flloyds Inc, if not you call BOA helpline at 8664974090"

Is the message serious?

No, the SMS message isn't serious. Move forward knowing that loads of people are scanning this very same sms message.

What shall I do?

Don't do a thing; refrain from 1533.45. The most safe thing to do is dismiss the txt message. You can block the number; unfortunately, contact numbers are not often reused by scammers.

Is the message you were sent different?

SMS messages used in this scheme in many cases are varied. The SMS messages may possess various grammar, format, even wording. It's not really unusual for the SMS messages to come from different telephone numbers and possibly incorporate varied website addresses.


As these scammers use several cell phone numbers, webpage addresses, words and phrases, ect, it can be vital for YOU to please alert others by commenting the message you received below in the comments section.

Your comments will help others to find this site before being scammed.

How this scammer found your first name:

There are general public listings that can potentially be utilized containing your name combined with your number.

What should I do if I clicked the hyperlink?

When you click on the website link a number of things will come about.

Who is 22395

The phone number, 22395, utilized to send you a txt message can be spoofed. That means it may show up on your phone as one number but the truth is it was not sent from that number at all. Scammers working with spoofing products could even have the number look to be your father's telephone number. Regardless you can be certain that the SMS message you are seeing, if it includes the above mentioned info, is a scam.

Is 1533.45 a scam?

Yes, 1533.45 is a scam internet site which has been used in thousands of scam txt messages. The site could be used as a phishing scheme to steal your personal information, or even to forward you to an advertiser's website to earn the scam artist income.

Website Age

1533.45 was obtained on Nov 30, -0001.

The developer of this specific internet domain name address - 1533.45 - is purported as .

Domain Name System Records state that the website is hosted by: as well as

WHOIS for 1533.45


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