(PayPal.com (PayPal.com) We've detected unauthorized activity

This is a text message scam pointing to (PayPal.com

"(PayPal.com (PayPal.com) We've detected unauthorized activity" scam is a text message which contains the web page link (PayPal.com. This SMS message has been sent in large proportions. The first time this text message was seen was on May 14, 2022 at 1:38 PM. A multitude of individuals across the US have divulged having this text message delivered on their mobile devices. We have laid out below all the related information you may need to make sure you and your information are secure. There are a couple of vital measures you may need to take if you clicked on the link in the text message, or even worse, entered information into the website presented by going to the (PayPal.com link. Even though the exact text might vary from user to user, the universal concept of the text is:

(PayPal.com) We've detected unauthorized activity. Log in and take the steps requested: www.sunnyfriend .com.tw/6rr9BuFG0Z8h--

Is the text message legit?

No, the SMS message isn't legit. Feel safe that thousands and thousands of consumers are checking this very same txt message.

What should I do?

Don't do a single thing; keep clear of (PayPal.com. The soundest thing to do is disregard the message. You are able to block the contact number; but the truth is, phone numbers are almost never used again by con artists.

Is the message you received different?

Text messages used in this swindle are frequently differed. The txt messages might utilize varied grammar problems, format, even words. It's not necessarily unconventional for the SMS messages to come from different phone numbers and even include varied web-site URLs.


As these scammers use numerous telephone numbers, web site URLs, phrases, ect, it is important for YOU to please alert other people by commenting the text message you were sent below in the comments section.

This will help many people to discover this web site before being scammed.

How do the scammers have access to my first name?

There are open sources which could very well be acquired containing your first name and your contact number.

What do I do if I clicked the hyperlink?

When you finger tap the link one of four things will occur.

Is (PayPal.com a scam?

Yes, (PayPal.com is a scam internet site which has been used in hundreds and hundreds of false messages. The web site may be used as a phishing scheme to gain access to your sensitive information, or even to reroute you to an advertiser's website to make the scammer income.

Website Age

(PayPal.com was merely purchased on Nov 30, -0001.

The developer of this site url (PayPal.com is purported to be .

Domain Name System Records state (PayPal.com is being hosted using: as well as

WHOIS for (PayPal.com


Warn Others: What did your message say?

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