$3969.00 "You paid $3969.00 against Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch)

This is a text message scam pointing to $3969.00

The made up "$3969.00 "You paid $3969.00 against Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch)" scam is a message containing the webpage link 69.00. This message is being delivered in bulk amounts. The initial time this message was spotted was on Apr 3, 2021 at 5:00 PM. A number of end users across America have actually noted having this message delivered on their cell phones. We have itemized below all the info you will need to be sure you and your personal information are secure. There are several important steps you may want to take in the event you clicked on the web page link in the text, or even worse, submitted information into the page discovered by tapping the 69.00 link. Although the exact text could vary from user to user, the universal concept of the message is:

From +610415384624, , :

"You paid $3969.00 against Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch) M1 at AMZ. 0rder id 199-T7-777Z0 on 2021-04-03. Helpline +61-1800749172 If any dispute."

Is the txt message reputable?

No, the txt message isn't real. You can relax knowing that multitudes of people young and old are examining this exact same txt message.

What should I do?

Don't do a thing; avoid 69.00. The best move to make is neglect the text message. You are able to block the contact number; yet, numbers are seldom reused by fraudsters.

Is your message slightly different?

Txt messages used in this hoax can be diversified. The messages can certainly have various grammar issues, structure, even words. It's in no way unconventional for the text messages to be sent from different phone numbers and possibly contain different webpage addresses.


As these scammers use different contact numbers, webpage URLs, words and phrases, ect, it can be vital for YOU to please alert other people by commenting the txt message you were sent below in the comments section.

Your comments will help other people to uncover this website before being scammed.

How do the senders have access to my first name?

There are widely available directories that may well be accessed comprising of your first name combined with your contact number.

What should I do if I visited the link?

When you click on the website link one of four things will come about.

Who is +610415384624, ,

The phone-number, +610415384624, , , utilized to send you a text message can be spoofed. This suggests it could show up on your phone as a certain number but in-fact it wasn't sent from that number at all. Scammers employing spoofing methods could even have the number appear to be your credit card company's contact number. Regardless you can be certain that the SMS message you are receiving, if it is made up of the aforementioned information, is a scam.

Is 69.00 a scam?

Yes, 69.00 is a scam site that has been used in large numbers of artificial SMS messages. The webpage could be used as a phishing scheme to acquire your sensitive information, or even to redirect you to an advertiser's site to make the scam artist money.

Website Age

69.00 was merely obtained on Jan 1, 1970.

The operator of this particular webpage url (69.00) is purported as .

Domain Name System Records show that 69.00 is being managed using: plus

WHOIS for $3969.00


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