$1969.00 "you have paid $1969.00 against Lenovo Intel core

This is a text message scam pointing to $1969.00

The "$1969.00 "you have paid $1969.00 against Lenovo Intel core" hoax is a message formulated with the webpage address 69.00. This text is being sent out in massive quantities. The first time this SMS message was noticed was on Apr 2, 2021 at 11:00 AM. A ton of customers across America have already revealed having this txt present on their telephones. We have layed out below all the specifics you will need to make sure that you and your personal information are safeguarded. There are several crucial actions you'll need to take if you happen to have clicked on the link in the txt, or even worse, entered information into the web page found by visiting the 69.00 link. Even though the specific SMS message might differ from person to person, the universal concept of the SMS is:

From , :

"you have paid $1969.00 against Lenovo Intel core i9 Touch laptop at AMZ. Order id 120-AY-55ZYO on 2021-04-02. Helpline (+61)1800491593 if you have any dispute."

Is the SMS message legitimate?

No, the txt message isn't real. Feel safe that a lot of of visitors are checking out this very same txt message.

What should I do?

Don't do anything; steer clear of 69.00. The easiest thing to do is ignore the text message. You can actually block the cell phone number; although, contact numbers are almost never used again by fraudsters.

Is the message you received different?

Messages used in this swindle may be different. The SMS messages could consist of varied syntax, structure, even wording. It's not really unusual for the txt messages to come from various numbers and also include various website URLs.


As these scammers use numerous telephone numbers, web site addresses, terms, ect, it is important for YOU to please warn others by commenting the txt message you were sent below in the comments section.

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How they got your first name:

There are public repositories which could certainly be found having your first name and also your mobile phone number.

What do I do if I visited the link?

When you click on the web page link one of four things could manifest.

Is 69.00 a scam?

Yes, 69.00 is a scam internet site that has been used in tens of thousands of counterfeit text messages. The internet site could be used as a phishing scheme to gain access to your private information, or even to direct you to an advertiser's web-site to earn the scammer revenue.

Website Age

69.00 was in fact established on Jan 1, 1970.

The owner of this specific domain url (69.00) is declared as .

Domain Name System Records show that the website is being published using: and also

WHOIS for $1969.00


Warn Others: What did your message say?

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