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Pre-order Secret Legends on iBooks and Get a Free Coloring Book

I'm pleased to host Shannon Eckrich, one of the authors in Secret Legends, on my blog. As a limited time special offer, if you pre-order Secret Legends on iBooks, you can receive a free coloring book created specifically for this boxset! 

After you place your preorder, just send an email to, and you'll receive your free coloring book!

Click on the image below to pre-order your copy today!

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A day in the Life of Literary Characters

Ever wonder what happens in the daily lives of your favorite characters? In between the inter-planetary travel and murder conspiracies and finding out your dead fiancee isn't actually dead, they probably have pretty normal, mundane lives like us... right?

Lottie from my Resurrected trilogy sent these to me to prove they're really quite ordinary... most of the time. 

Like when she has to remind her husband he's not getting out of dinner parties he doesn't want to go to...



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On Writing Strong Female Characters

Each of my novels - even those narrated by men - features at least one strong, capable female character. I don't write books with damsels in distress. I write love stories, and while the male protagonists in my books often play a decisive role in resolving the danger the protagonists face, it's almost always the female protagonist who saves them all.

But each of my female protagonists share another characteristic: they are compassionate toward other people. I've always believed it's a mistak…

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Jennifer the Damned by Karen Ullo

Occasionally, I will post books by other authors here that might interest readers who enjoy the genres in which I write (science-fiction, paranormal, dystopian, fantasy). 

And, really, who doesn't like a good vampire novel? As the description promises, what Ullo offers us is a novel that portrays vampires in their classic literary tradition as well as a love story, because ultimately, everyone wants to be loved. For more information you can visit her website at or just cli…

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A few ACTUAL New Year's Resolutions

A few writer's resolutions for the New Year, all of which I fully anticipate breaking by… oh, let's say March:

1. I resolve to stop writing so many novels in which the protagonist is either a CIA agent or soldier. I don't want to become predictable, but there's a reason five of the nine novels I'll have published (including THE GOLDEN EAGLE and its sequel) feature such protagonists.

When I was an undergraduate, I decided to major in history and I knew I would eventually return to graduat…

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My New Year's Resolutions… or Goals… or Something Like That

2016 is already promising to be a busy and productive year! 

The Golden Eagle, a dystopian romantic suspense, will be releasing in January. Its sequel, The Silver Crescent, should be ready no later than Spring 2016, and I also have my first stand-alone novel, a paranormal psychological suspense (how's that for bending genres?) is also in the works and will most likely be ready by Spring 2016 as well.

Resurrected has been selected to be part of a multi-author paranormal romance box set …

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