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Scavenger Vanishes Blog Tour

I'm once again thrilled to host Liza O'Connor on my blog to celebrate the release of the third book in her Skyryder's SeriesScavenger Vanishes.

This dystopian romance is filled with action and suspense, and, of course, a fantastic romance. Read on for more from Liza and her newest book, Scavenger Vanishes!


Scavenger Vanishes


Liza O’Connor

I have this fascination with lions, and they seem to be fascinated with me as well…Only not in a good way. When I was in Aus…

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Blog Tour for Liza O'Connor's Rana Teenage Queen

I'm honored to host the always fabulous Liza O'Connor on a blog tour stop for her new release, Rana: Teenage Queen. 

Baffled why fairies are detested by humans

First of all, humans like to think of themselves as the ONLY humanoids in existence. On Earth, they had a furry humanoid whose DNA was 98% the same as theirs, and they still treated the poor primates horribly. They would lock them up in cages, or shoot them on sight. And there were others humanoids as well, some of which were …

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Stop by to learn more about Liza O'Connor's Scavenger's Mission

Who is most likely to throw up on Flight Test Examiners?

The Corp is 45% macho-men and 55% working hard to be macho-men, 4% not so macho, but skilled males (mostly videographers and strategists), and 1% female.  (West Coast stats.)

When it comes to taking the Captain’s flight test, it turns out that really big, must be on steroids, macho-guys are the most likely to spew their breakfast before they even begin their test.

Why? You ponder. 

Well, they are nervous, really nervous…

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