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Sci-fi Romances and Mythic Fantasies with a little bit of heart and a whole lot of snark

Fantasy/Mythic Fiction

My love of mythology is readily apparent in The Unbreakable Sword series and its sequel, The Guardians of Tara series, which pulls in multiple mythologies from all over the world. Gods and goddesses fight for control of the Otherworld and for the safety of Earth in this snarky yet romantic legendary tale.

In the final battle of the gods, no one can be trusted.

In The Immortals, my background in history is merged with contemporary fantasy built around the stories in The Book of Enoch. As Colin and Anna will learn, the demons they've spent so many years fighting are far from the most terrifying creatures to walk the Earth.

When demons refuse to play by the rules, all Hell will break loose.

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Science Fiction

My first published series, the Resurrected trilogy is part CIA thriller and part sci-fi romance. It follows the resurrection of Lottie, her second chance romance with Dietrich, and their struggle to survive once her existence is uncovered. As one reviewer noted, Resurrected is "Jason Bourne meets Close Encounters."

Awakened from death. Herself but no longer alone in her own body. Two lives merged into one.

A mistake. An aberration. A miracle.

And a company that wants her dead because she exists.

Its spinoff standalone, The Chosen, features the story of Bella, another woman who's crossed over to Earth and found herself in the crosshairs of the same company. And like Lottie, Bella is fighting back.

They promised her happily ever after. Instead, they gave her Hell. Now, she's getting revenge.


The Cambria Code allowed me to do something I'd long wanted: write a smart, feisty, temperamental female lead. Zoe's personality may come across as abrasive to some, but she's far braver and more compassionate than it appears. This series blends two kinds of alien contact: both benevolent and apocalyptic. 

Sometimes, discovering we're not alone in the universe can be a blessing and a curse.


Other Books

The Golden Eagle and its sequel, The Silver Crescent, are dystopian romantic suspenses that explore the consequences of civil war as well as what some people are willing to risk for love. Loosely based on a novel I wrote over a decade ago, the themes are timeless—and for some, may feel even more appropriate today.

After a vicious second civil war in the U.S., the states that attempted to secede are occupied, and the people there live by different rules.

Dreamwalkers is my tribute to the survivors of suicide, to those who live with mental illness, and those who love them and walk with them through often turbulent waters.

My father used to tell me our pasts shaped our presents and our presents shaped our futures and that we could never really get rid of our pasts. The deeds of our fathers and grandfathers and their fathers before them lived on forever, and we would have to live with the choices they made as well as our own so he would warn me to choose wisely. But I never understood my father. Not until my thirtieth birthday. And then everything changed.