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Science Fiction Romance Brigade Showcase weekend!

This weekend, I'm participating in the SFR Brigade Showcase. You can click here to check out the other authors who are participating, and keep checking back throughout the weekend as more posts go up!

To make this a fun way to get to know more about my Sci-Fi Romance series, Resurrected, I'm interviewing one of the main characters who didn't get a chance to narrate her own novel - Lydia!

Interview recorded November 5, 2015

Me: Lydia, thank you for letting me interview you. I know how busy you are, so I appreciate you being here.

Lydia: Considering I didn't get my own novel, it's the least you could do. Literally.

Me: Yeah, sorry about that. But hey, your interview will be live on my website! I'll even leave it there for like… three whole days. 

Lydia: God, you're annoying.

Me: I've been told. So, I wanted to ask you about your journey to Earth. What was it like traveling to another planet with Lottie?

Lydia: Intimidating. But it was a better option than staying where we were, and aside from that whole conspiracy-to-have-us-all-murdered thing you wrote in, I had the chance to survive here.

Me: Again, sorry about that. This would have been a ‚Äčreally short story without it though. You woke up in a strange body after resurrecting it. Can you describe what that felt like?

Lydia: Weird. Like, you can't even imagine weird. Nothing felt the way I was used to feeling, and suddenly, I had all of these senses that were completely different than I originally had. I wanted to be able to move, but I didn't know how to make this body move. I didn't know how to communicate. But I was with my best friend, so I trusted things would work out the way we were promised.

Me: Before meeting Lottie's fiance and friends from her human life, what was your favorite part about living on Earth?

Lydia: The freedom we had.

Me: As an author, I have to ask: what's your favorite novel and what kind of books do you like to read?

Lydia: Lottie gets to narrate an entire novel that ends the series, and I'm supposed to talk about books?

Me: Um… yes? 

Lydia: Don't quit your job to become a journalist.

Me: Ok. I'll make that my last question then.

Lydia: I really liked Wuthering Heights, but I don't think I have a particular genre that I'd consider my favorite. Of course, if I'd had the chance to narrate my own novel, that would my favorite.

Me: Wow. You've really developed an attitude, Lydia.

Lydia: It's called character growth. 

Me: I'm starting to think you grew too much. But thank you so much for talking to me… or letting me know how you feel about the whole not-getting-your-own-novel issue. For what it's worth, I still think you're pretty awesome.

Lydia: You're not dead. There's still time. It's called "spin-off series."

Me: That's it for today! Talk to you later, Lydia and thanks again for joining us in the Science Fiction Romance Brigade Showcase!

Lydia: Lamest. Ending. Ever.


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"It's called character growth." LMAO!! Lydia's pretty cool. She needs her own story.

Have to love such a feisty character! The interview format was fun to read :)

I like the idea of developing an attitude as character growth. It's the quintessential American form growth.

I love breaking the fourth wall as you've done. Love! Great post. Awesome dialogue. It really helps me understand your character's motivations. Well done.

Love her attitude. She really does deserve her own story.

Best way to get misbehaving characters to respect the author's authority is to threaten them with the delete button :)

Yeah, I always feel like I should be writing a letter of apology to my characters for what I do to them. But it's such fun!