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A Writer's Thanksgiving

I am thankful for words and the ability to put them together to create, and I am thankful for the people who read them. 

I am thankful for editing and re-editing and always being willing to learn and grow. 

I am thankful for the profane, the weird and and the quirky, the irreverent, and those things that make us uncomfortable. Because life is like that. Amid all the normal and the day-to-day, there is a great deal of strangeness and quirkiness and anger and violence and vulgarity in this world; and there's also a great deal of beauty and love and sex and humor and introspection. There's a place for it all in my books because it exists all around us.

I am thankful for legends, those literary giants who inspire me by pushing boundaries and writing about controversial topics and who do it so eloquently.

I am thankful for adverbs, first person point of view, present tense, passive voice, and all of the conjugated forms of "to be" - all of those parts of speech writers are told to ignore. 

I am thankful for ideas, opportunities, and support.

I am thankful for you.




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I'm grateful and thankful the mysterious creator of this world brought you into it and that I fortuitously and serendipitously discovered your book Resurection!
All blessings, Dennis