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Jennifer the Damned by Karen Ullo

Occasionally, I will post books by other authors here that might interest readers who enjoy the genres in which I write (science-fiction, paranormal, dystopian, fantasy). 

And, really, who doesn't like a good vampire novel? As the description promises, what Ullo offers us is a novel that portrays vampires in their classic literary tradition as well as a love story, because ultimately, everyone wants to be loved. For more information you can visit her website at or just cli…

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My New Year's Resolutions… or Goals… or Something Like That

2016 is already promising to be a busy and productive year! 

The Golden Eagle, a dystopian romantic suspense, will be releasing in January. Its sequel, The Silver Crescent, should be ready no later than Spring 2016, and I also have my first stand-alone novel, a paranormal psychological suspense (how's that for bending genres?) is also in the works and will most likely be ready by Spring 2016 as well.

Resurrected has been selected to be part of a multi-author paranormal romance box set …

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A Writer's Thanksgiving

I am thankful for words and the ability to put them together to create, and I am thankful for the people who read them. 

I am thankful for editing and re-editing and always being willing to learn and grow. 

I am thankful for the profane, the weird and and the quirky, the irreverent, and those things that make us uncomfortable. Because life is like that. Amid all the normal and the day-to-day, there is a great deal of strangeness and quirkiness and anger and violence and vulgarity in th…

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What's Now New for 2016

You know that moment when you've got half a novel written and discover some eerie similarities between your work and an existing novel and have to put the whole project on a back burner as you re-envision how your entire series is going to play out now?

Yeah, me too.

So my series featuring some popular western mythologies is temporarily shelved, and I've had to shift gears a bit. Another project is in the works that I hope to have ready for an early 2016 release. More information will be …

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Science Fiction Romance Brigade Showcase weekend!

This weekend, I'm participating in the SFR Brigade Showcase. You can click here to check out the other authors who are participating, and keep checking back throughout the weekend as more posts go up!

To make this a fun way to get to know more about my Sci-Fi Romance series, Resurrected, I'm interviewing one of the main characters who didn't get a chance to narrate her own novel - Lydia!

Interview recorded November 5, 2015

Me: Lydia, thank you for letting me interview you. I know how busy yo…

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Welcome to the official website for author S. M. Schmitz!

I am the author of the Resurrected series, as well as the Immortal series. The Immortals, book 1 of this new urban fantasy series, just released on September 4, 2015!

With an M.A. in history and a background in teaching, I love to incorporate historical themes into my science-fiction and urban fantasy stories. 

As a native of Louisiana, my stories are set here, which lends a unique element to the sci-fi/urban fantasy world. I hope you enjoy!

If you'd like to receive updates about new releas…

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