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Welcome to the SFRB Summer 2016 Blog Hop


Welcome to the SFRB Summer Blog Hop, where we introduce you to Other Worlds!

In my latest science-fiction romance trilogy, The Cambria Code, Zoe travels to another planet with Peyton, an alien she hardly knows. What is Cambria like?

It's a lot like Earth. Since Cambrians are almost identical to humans, I reasoned their atmosphere and environment would be extremely similar as well. But there are some differences, particularly in the animal life and flora of the planet. For example, some of the most prized flowers on Cambria have a copper or silver hue, and the vartrilla, a flying mammal that resembles a bird, is particularly loud and obnoxious. 

Throughout the series, the Cambrians are described as logical and sensible, and their society reflects those personality traits, from the way the hierarchy is assembled and jobs are assigned to the arrangement of cities to the buildings themselves.

Want to learn more about Cambria and why Zoe agreed to travel to another planet with a man she'd only just met? Check out Peyton's Myth, the first book in The Cambria Code trilogy. Peyton's Light, the third and final book of the series, will be releasing on July 12, so get ready to unravel the Cambria Code!

When a mysterious spaceship appears above Cambria, Zoe remains skeptical that it’s anything but an elaborate hoax. By the time the first spaceship is joined by two others, Zoe reluctantly admits that Earth has been invaded, even though it’s a pretty lame invasion: the aliens look remarkably human and keep to themselves. From what reporters are able to learn about them, they seem incredibly arrogant and boring anyway. 

After meeting Peyton, one of Earth’s newest residents, Zoe feels an immediate attraction to him although she is reluctant to become involved with someone who isn’t even human. But she soon discovers that these aliens are far more dangerous than they’ve led everyone to believe, and the secrets they are hiding may signal the destruction of her entire planet.


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I want to see those flowers! And your book cover is stunning. And boring aliens? LOL, that's pretty funny that people would become so used to aliens hanging around that they'd be considered boring. I could see that kind of thing happening. Love it. :)

Now I want those flowers!

Highly logical aliens? Sounds like a Vulcan!

The Cambrians and their world sound super interesting! I love the idea of silver or copper flowers.

I also love the idea of copper and silver flowers and agree, that if the aliens are similar, the worlds wouldn't be that different. Fun!

I like the idea of copper and silver flowers.

Congrats on the new release, sounds intriguing!

It is fun that in sci-fi, one can live on a planet that is similar to ours, yet it can be so completely different. Happy release day!

Boring and unsociable alien invaders? That's a different twist!

Thanks for participating in the blog hop!