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With Peyton's Light, the final book of The Cambria Code trilogy, releasing on July 12, Zoe has returned to discuss love, aliens, and reader reactions to her strong personality with me.


SMS: Zoe, thank you so much for coming back on my blog.

Zoe: I didn't really have a choice. You created me and control me.

SMS: Right. But you could be a huge pain in the ass about it, and you're not.

Zoe: Wait. I just got here.

SMS: Then I'll make this quick. With only twelve more days until the release of your story's final book, what do you want readers to know most?

Zoe: My journey is one of personal growth. That's one of the major themes of this trilogy. My love for Peyton changes the way I think about others and myself and my own role in the universe.

SMS: In many ways, you're still you though - and I think that's important, too. 

Zoe: True. The last thing either of us want is for women to think they have to change their behavior or personalities because they aren't "feminine" enough. It's ok to be assertive and independent. I cross the line sometimes, but I'm human. I make mistakes. I've tried to learn from them.

SMS: You've also experienced a tremendous amount of trauma, and that's a theme throughout all three books as well. Your depression and anxiety have been crippling at times. How are you coping?

Zoe: I guess that's the key word - "coping." We all take it one day at a time because we've each been through Hell. 

SMS: In Peyton's Promise, you make the surprising decision to join Peyton's army so you can fight the thieves of peace and help defend the few human and Cambrian survivors. From paralegal to alien fighter. Were you surprised by your own bravery and competence against them?

Zoe: Competence or luck? I'm still leaning toward an insane amount of luck.

SMS: Then you must be the luckiest woman in the universe.

Zoe: Despite everything, look at who I'm with. I would definitely say I am.

SMS: And Adrian?

Zoe: Adrian is one of the most amazing people I've ever known. I'll always love him. I still regret breaking his heart and my own, but Peyton had pushed me away so many times... I'd lost everyone except Mia and Alex and having Peyton act like he wanted me then reject me again and again was too much. Those five months in space were the worst months of my life.

SMS: Your story is one of loss and tragedy, but there are messages to readers between the lines of fighting aliens, falling in love, and space travel. What do you think is the most important message in this series?

Zoe: The Cambrians know how to make good booze?

SMS: Zoe...

Zoe: What? Totally true! You need to try it. Especially if there are hot guys around.

SMS: (sighs) I guess we're done here.

Zoe: Yeah, I need a drink now. You tend to have that effect on me.

SMS: Watch it. I can write a spin-off series, Zoe. 

Zoe: I meant, you're delightful! This was so much fun!

SMS: I need a drink now.


If you haven't begun unraveling the Cambria Code, grab a copy of Peyton's Myth today and travel with Zoe through the blank spaces of the universe.

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Yay for a strong heroine!

I love the theme of your series: "The Cambrians know how to make good booze." ;-)