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Meet Wicked Legends Author Nirina Stone


Wicked Legends, a collection of bestselling novels, introduces Romy's LegacyThis is just one of 20 page-turning, full length novels for only $0.99. Order your copy today!

It is 2255. The tyrants of the past are no more, and Romy’s life is perfect. Her quest to start a new community in the North has begun; food is plentiful; and everyone has ample space to live. All she has to look forward to is exploration and the occasional adventure. That is, until she encounters the new people and realizes her ideal community is not what she expected. She’s left questioning everything, including the fact that they aren’t merely “backwards travelers” any more than she is merely a Legacy.

Follow Romy as she grapples with her past and the new world, unlocking truths along the way that threaten to dismantle everything.

About the Author:

Nirina was born in Madagascar (why yes, our lemurs DO love to party. Why do you ask?), grew up in Dubai, matriculated in Canada, and is now a full-time author and mom in Sydney Australia. To put it another way, she's a bit of a nomad, is multilingual, and loves all sorts of food and music from all sorts of places. She's also never 'belonged' anywhere, but for the made-up worlds in her head.


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