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Book Crazy Virtual Book Fair

The Alliance of Self-Published Authors is hosting a virtual Book Fair, and I'm delighted to participate by having my own "booth" at the fair to display my sci-fi romance novels! So here's my booth, what I have on display for the virtual book fair, and a little about the books.

My first trilogy, the Resurrected trilogy, is a second chance romance (the ultimate second chance romance - I mean, one of them dies and is resurrected by an alien) and it's also a science fiction conspiracy thriller. I did something a bit different with this trilogy by writing each book with a different narrator because I wanted Lottie to finish her own story. Despite its... we'll say "edgy" content... the Resurrected trilogy is probably my favorite of my series because I love the world, and I especially love this cast of characters.

You can get the entire trilogy for only $6.99 or read it for free in Kindle Unlimited by clicking on the image below.

My second sci-fi romance trilogy is The Cambria Code. Since the Resurrected trilogy takes place entirely on Earth, with only snippets of Lottie's memories from her home planet, I wanted to write an SFR series with space travel and humans getting to see a different planet. Zoe, my snarky, smartass heroine - who turns out to be a pretty badass alien fighting soldier - is a complicated character, and was often challenging to write. But by Peyton's Light, both she and Peyton have grown considerably and considering they both begin as seriously flawed characters, that personal growth is just as important to the storyline as the invaders who continually threaten their existence.

Book one of The Cambria Code series, Peyton's Myth, is only $2.99 or you can read it for free in Kindle Unlimited.

Thanks for stopping by my booth and happy reading!

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