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A New Fantasy Series from Author Jeff Gunzel

This week's speculative fiction blog post shines the spotlight on author Jeff Gunzel's new series, Tainted Blood. Book 1 of the series, A Rip in Time, releases today, February 1. This book and series is intended for mature audiences only due to violence and sexuality.

You can find out more about Jeff's books on his Facebook page or by checking out his author profile on Amazon.

To go to the product page for A Rip in Time, just click on the image below. 


Forced to live with a man she hates, Viola's life is anything but ordinary. With no memory of her past and no way to survive on her own, she cooks for him, even steals for him. A virtual slave to his every desire, this life of servitude is all she's ever known.
Locked away like some dark secret, Viola knows nothing of the world--that is, until she's discovered one day. Now her secret world is turned upside down and things can never go back to the way they were. Which is worse, a cruel master who treats her like an animal, or a cold world that views her as a monster?

With blood-red eyes and hair white as snow, her exotic origin remains a mystery even to herself. What is she? Where did she come from? Some things are better left unknown...

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