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A New Cast in the Resurrected Universe (aka When Writers Get Bored)

Despite its edgy, and often uncomfortable, content, the Resurrected trilogy has always been one of my favorite worlds I've created. I've long wanted to add to that universe, even though Lottie's story was finished. 

And now, I am.

In September, I'll be releasing a spin-off novel to the Resurrected trilogy featuring a new cast of characters. Lottie's story is still at the heart of this world, and this novel takes place largely during the same time as Final Sacrifice, but the story centers around a new...

...You have GOT to be kidding me.

Oh... damn it. Um, hey, Lydia.

Lydia: So let me get this straight. Dietrich gets his own novel. Eric gets his own novel. Lottie gets her own novel. This new woman gets her own novel who doesn't even know Lottie, but I'm still relegated to the voiceless sidekick?

SMS: Well, if it's any consolation, you made a pretty badass sidekick in Final Sacrifice.

Lydia: Where's my novel, woman!

SMS: Lydia, your story is part of Lottie's. I couldn't separate them!

Lydia: You're a writer. You made these stories up. Try being more creative.

SMS: And look: you're hardly a Robin. Through three novels, you're one of two suns in Lottie's universe. That's pretty huge.

Lydia: And if you gave me my own book, readers would get to find out how felt about Lottie and why I clung to my stupid crush on Eric even though I knew he wasn't interested.

SMS: Why did you?

Lydia: Write the damn book.

SMS: Can we talk about the book I am writing?

Lydia: Depends. Am I narrating it?

SMS: Um, still no.

Lydia: Then you have your answer.

SMS: Ok, you're understandably pissed off. Really. I don't blame you. But I didn't want to mess with the way your story turned out either. 

Lydia: Again. You're a writer. Be more creative. You could have made it a prequel. Or you could have written me a novel during the insurrection.

SMS: But readers already know what you were doing during the insurrection because it's all described in Final Sacrifice!

Lydia: You are so lame. I want my own novel. Hell, at this point, I'd settle for a novella.

SMS: I love you.

Lydia: Bite me.

Ok, readers, don't be too hard on Lydia. In her defense, this isn't the first time she's shown up on my site and indicated how much she wishes she had her own novel, and I figured once she found out about September's release, she was going to be pretty pissed off at me. 

Lydia: That's an understatement.

SMS: I thought you'd left.

Lydia: I don't even know what to say to that.

... As I was saying, The Chosen, which will release in September...

Lydia: Terrible name, by the way.

SMS: Would you please shut up?

Lydia: Depends. Going to write my novel?

So... ‚ÄčThe Chosen (shut up, Lydia) tells the story of Bella, who came to Earth with her boyfriend before Lottie and Lydia arrived here. And like Lottie, Bella's boyfriend resurrects the young man whose body he takes. The Chosen gives readers another glimpse into the world of this ruthless company that transports people to Earth as well as a peek into the life of someone else who woke up from this journey not only as himself but as the human who had died.

Lydia: I will begrudgingly admit this might have potential.

SMS: Wow. Thank you, Lydia.

Lydia: I said might. Talk to me again when you've finished it.

SMS: (sighs) Why can't Dietrich ever show up unexpectedly? Or hell, even expectedly?

Lydia: I'm telling Lottie you said that.

SMS: Well, thanks for stealing the spotlight of my entire blog post about my work-in-progress, Lydia. And threatening to send Lottie after me. She's got her hands full. I'm safe, right?

Lydia: When it comes to Dietrich, I doubt it.

Even though The Chosen can be read as a standalone, get the full story behind the story by reading the Resurrected trilogy first. And please send lots of fan mail to Lydia so she doesn't kill me in my sleep.

Lydia: Just for that, I'll think about forgiving you.



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