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A few ACTUAL New Year's Resolutions

A few writer's resolutions for the New Year, all of which I fully anticipate breaking by… oh, let's say March:

1. I resolve to stop writing so many novels in which the protagonist is either a CIA agent or soldier. I don't want to become predictable, but there's a reason five of the nine novels I'll have published (including THE GOLDEN EAGLE and its sequel) feature such protagonists.

When I was an undergraduate, I decided to major in history and I knew I would eventually return to graduate school because I wanted to teach post-secondary history (that's a fancy way of saying I wanted to teach history to college students). And that's exactly what I did.

I spent my entire adult life, then, either as a student of world history or teaching it.

And here's what I learned and what knowledge I passed on to my students: people have always, are currently, and will always, do horrible shit to each other.

The careers of some of my protagonists simply provide a convenient vehicle for portraying how I see the world: our history, current events, our future.

That won't change, but I'll try to be more creative in career choices. wink emoticon

For what it's worth, I have a great deal of respect for the men and women who pursue either career path and who do it nobly and honorably, and while I stretch limits of what is morally acceptable even within those roles, that is the point - to create genuinely likable, and completely human and fallible, characters who are still capable of making us uncomfortable with their decisions.

2. I resolve to one day explain WHY I write so many novels with that aim in mind. 

3. I resolve to break a promise to myself that I made just last year… so only a few months ago. I'm going to write some historical fiction, but I'm going to do it MY way… so there will most likely be paranormal elements. 

I incorporated quite a bit of history into THE IMMORTALS series, and my first standalone, which is partly drafted already and will hopefully be out in the early Spring, also has some historical events in it, but neither of those are really historical fiction. Of course, this work wouldn't be either because of the paranormal elements, but that's the fun of getting to bend genres as an indie author who doesn't have to worry about a publisher telling her, "What the hell are you doing!? I can't market this!"

So… I'll do it my way tongue emoticon

4. I resolve to get back around to writing that short story/novella for Lydia. I owe it to her. Of all the characters I've ever created, she grew the most, she changed the most, she turned into such a badass-don't-mess-with-me-or-my-friends-or-I'll-… actually, I'm going to leave that part blank for those that haven't read FINAL SACRIFICE. But I feel bad for poor Lydia, and she really is awfully pissed off at me (see the interview I did with her on my blog in November). She's not someone I want to piss off. 

Besides, I miss that entire cast of characters. I really love those guys.

5. I resolve to blog more. 

This one I'll break by the end of January.

HAPPY NEW YEAR'S FRIENDS! And many, many happy days of reading ahead to you all heart emoticon

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