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Genetic engineering, conspiracies, and ZOMBIES

Here are a few more books that may interest fellow readers of paranormal, horror, and science-fiction.

Author Marilyn Peake combines recent world events with imaginative fiction to create a chilling conspiracy theory in which the Ebola virus is mutated to create a new kind of biological weapon: zombies. 

The Mutation Z series boxset offers readers the first three novellas for only .99 cents - you can learn more about the boxset and the Mutation Z series by clicking on the image below. 

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On Writing Strong Female Characters

Each of my novels - even those narrated by men - features at least one strong, capable female character. I don't write books with damsels in distress. I write love stories, and while the male protagonists in my books often play a decisive role in resolving the danger the protagonists face, it's almost always the female protagonist who saves them all.

But each of my female protagonists share another characteristic: they are compassionate toward other people. I've always believed it's a mistak…

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Jennifer the Damned by Karen Ullo

Occasionally, I will post books by other authors here that might interest readers who enjoy the genres in which I write (science-fiction, paranormal, dystopian, fantasy). 

And, really, who doesn't like a good vampire novel? As the description promises, what Ullo offers us is a novel that portrays vampires in their classic literary tradition as well as a love story, because ultimately, everyone wants to be loved. For more information you can visit her website at or just cli…

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A few ACTUAL New Year's Resolutions

A few writer's resolutions for the New Year, all of which I fully anticipate breaking by… oh, let's say March:

1. I resolve to stop writing so many novels in which the protagonist is either a CIA agent or soldier. I don't want to become predictable, but there's a reason five of the nine novels I'll have published (including THE GOLDEN EAGLE and its sequel) feature such protagonists.

When I was an undergraduate, I decided to major in history and I knew I would eventually return to graduat…

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